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and we turn toward the light
actor: cillian murphy; angled

Comment to be added. No, really. Go for it.

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I always pick you. You're the best and most.

Hey! Want to be friends? :P

Found one of your fic's rec'd on another authors page, hope you don't mind me friending you so I can read it.
Cheers bitchee

So very sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Thank you so much for the friend request and the interest.

Happily adding you back.

Brightens my day and warms my cold heart haha.

I'd like to be added? I really love your fics and I'm so sad I can't see them anymore :(

Ah! Hello.

Sorry for the gap in response. And thank you so much for your very kind words, they mean a lot to me.

I will gladly add you! <3

I'd like to read one of your YJ fics if you add me. Thank you!

I am so very sorry for the delay!

I have been beyond MIA.

Of course I will happily add you.

Thank you so much for the interest.



(Life hates me. And having ability to be creative/fun/attentive to LJ.)

Can we be friends? I really, really enjoy your YJ fics. :)

Thank you so much!

And we certainly can be. <3

Hello, may I be added- a raging Damon/Elena fan, I have heard whispers of your fan fiction in the shipper world ... Please and thank you :)

Of course...but I must tell you, I've moved on from that ship with gusto.

And the show in general. :(

Definitely adding you back, however, but I felt the need to pre-warn you of the changing of my feelings re: Delena/TVD. :(

Hi there. Can we be friends? Like many others here, I've heard of your fics, and would love to read them.

Thanks! ~T

I'm intrigued by this mystery network of fanfiction recommendation!??

Seriously, what even?

But, thanks so much for the add...more than happy to add you back.

OH NO! I came to re-read some of my favorite fics to make my day better and they're locked! :(

May we be friends? We have people and fandoms in common.

I was searching through young justice fics when I read a great review on your work. Can't wait to read it!

Love to be able to read: Where The Moon Has Been Sweating

Hey so I saw ur fic recced on dreamwidth and I recon I'd really enjoy reading it, the summary has interested me :) Love to be able to read it, kk ty <3

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